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The Leggee PTA welcomes family and friends, teachers and staff of Leggee Elementary to make a difference this year and join the PTA.  No volunteering is required to be a member, although if you have time we would be happy to let you know where we could use you.

Membership dues are only $10 per family and $5 for Leggee teachers and staff.

Money raised from PTA membership and other PTA fundraising events at Leggee Elementary aids in the cost of school field trips and all assemblies throughout the school year.

In addition, the PTA organizes teacher appreciation events, Market Day, plan monthly family events throughout the school year and so much more!

Be a member today! If you have any questions about membership, please contact us at membership@leggeepta.org.


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Note: If you have multiple children at Leggee, please list all their names, comma separated. For Students Grade, choose grade of oldest child.

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